Unfortunately CoinHere is not able cancel or reverse your Bitcoin (BTC) or other Cryptocurrency transactions.

The reason is that Bitcoin/ Blockchain networks are designed to be irreversible and we have no control over them.

This applies when:

  • you sent BTC to the wrong bitcoin address or

  • you were scammed or hacked.

Once the coins are sent out, they cannot be reversed. If you still want to try tracking the bitcoin address you sent your BTC to, you can use tools like Block Explorer.

Please follow security guide to protect your fund.

Any questions?

Please reach out to us at any of these mediums if you have any questions or comments:

Website Chat:coinhere.io (Click chat bubble at the right bottom corner)

Phone: (+852) 9014 4229


我們很遺憾通知您,CoinHere 無法中止或撤銷您的比特幣(BTC)或其他加密貨幣交易。



  • 您將比特幣發送到錯誤的比特幣錢包地址;或

  • 您遭到詐騙或黑客入侵。

加密貨幣一旦送出便無法撤回。 如果您想追踪收款的比特幣錢包地址,可以使用Block Explorer等的區塊鏈瀏覽器。




官方網頁聊天室:coinhere.io (開啟右下角的聊天圈展開對話)

電話: (+852) 9014 4229

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