CoinHere ATM is a subsidiary of Genesis Block, which provide ATM services to facilitate buying and selling digital assets quick and easy. We are also professional in advising retail or online merchants to set up their POS solutions to accept crypto payment.

For our ATM locations, please refer to more information on our official website.


CoinHere 櫃員機是 Genesis Block 的分公司。它提供簡單易用的 ATM 服務,方便顧客更容易及快捷地交易各種數碼資產。我們也為零售及線上商家提供專業的資詢服務,幫助 客戶建立完整的加密貨幣交易 POS 方案。

有關 CoinHere 櫃員機地點,請瀏覽 我們的 官方網頁

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